NAPBIRT Member Tech  

NAPBIRT or the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc. has a Mission Statement as follows:

"The mission of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians is to promote the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service by providing members with a central agency for the exchange of information and continued education through the administration of programs that benefit its membership."

As a matter of interest, NAPBIRT does not endorse any products of Precision Pads or this website. It is a professional organization and, as such, it seeks only to help, educate and benefit its individual members.

My name is Bob Campbell and as a NAPBIRT Member it is my great joy to tell people I personally support NAPBIRT and its Mission.

A little history of my experience:

In 1999 I started my business of buying used saxophones for resale. Before long I realized I would need to hone my skills as a repair tech. Many saxophone repairs and sales later I was able to join forces with a Saxophone Manufacturing company in China. I enjoyed 6 wonderful years with Gulf™ Musical Instruments doing everything from repair, to assembly, final set-up and the export of saxophones all over the world.

Today I am retired from saxophone repair but never want to stray from the Musical Instrument business. Find me today as the owner of Precision Pads USA selling Woodwind pads. It's a business I truly love and the best part is, I get to share our products and my time with fine repair techs all over the world.

Come join me in the fun and thanks for stopping by!


Bob Campbell